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Energy and climate advice

Ongoing climate change means that the world is in need of energy efficient solutions and move towards renewable and sustainable energy sources.

We at Borås Stad offers you free advice on how to move towards energy efficient solutions. We can offer you advice to help you lower energy cost at work or at your house (visit the webpage Företagande, råd och service External link. for information more suited to you as an entrepreneur, however, the information is in swedish). Consultation usually starts with a phone call and you can book a visit from us or visit us at Environment department. Our consultation is always impartial. We are not affiliated to any brands, nor do we have any sales goals.

Energy and climate advisors are John Hamnelid and Hans-Erik Linnros. Both are located in Stadshuset, Kungsgatan 55, Borås.

Contact John: 0734-15 38 82, e-mail: john.hamnelid@boras.se. Contact Hans-Erik: 033-35 31 69,
e-mail: hans-erik.linnros@boras.se

We are happy to answer questions about energy; popular right now is solar panels, heating systems (pellet or heat pumps solutions).

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