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Traffic and City Planning

Borås is growing from a big town into a small city. There is a high demand for housing and development in the city centre, while the proposed Götalandsbanan high-speed railway through Borås will afford the city new opportunities for trade and industry and housing.

The City of Borås is planning the Borås of the future. We are doing this by utilising overview plans and city plans, and you, as a citizen of Borås, are able to participate in this development in various ways.

Map of Borås

Plans and Programmes
Our city plans offer builders and developers a sound foundation for construction projects and to be able to apply for building permits.

A bus and cyclist at
the bus terminal.

Public Transport
Västtrafik is responsible for all public transport in Borås. Visit their websiteexternal link, opens in new window for information on fares, timetables and more.

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