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Logotyp för Borås Stad
Logotyp för Borås Stad

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The Museum of History of Borås [Borås Museum] is devoted to local history. It is situated in a park, Ramnaparken, where some 15 different buildings from the surrounding region - some from the 17th century - show how people lived and worked in the district in former times.

Museum of History of Borås

Phone: +4633-35 85 80
E-mail: borasmuseum@boras.se


Visiting address
504 39 Borås
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Mailing address
Borås Stad
SE-501 80 Borås

Borås Museum is situated in the Ramnaparken on Parkgatan. Parking is available. Shop and summer café.

Opening hours

Museum of History of Borås / Open-Air Museum
June 3 - August 30
Monday-Tuesday closed
Wednesday - Sunday 12-16
September 1 - june 2: closed

May 15 - september 15: tuesday - sunday 12- 16

Contact the Museum for information on opening hours during holidays.


Free admission to all our exhibitions. Admission on lectures or other extra arrangements may vary.

Advance bookings

Advance booking for groups can be made at the museum´s reception or by phone +4633-35 85 80.

One of the finest buildings in this open-air museum is the wooden church from Kinnarumma which dates from the 1690s. It is a popular venue for weddings and baptisms. Before the industrialization of textiles the local magnate would commission work from local weavers and arrange to sell it. He naturally lived in a substantial residence - which can be seen at the museum - with plenty of outbuildings for his commercial enterprises.

There is also a home of one of the local weavers typical of the period from 1600-1800. And, of course, there is a local inn - now used as a café during the summer. The farming community is naturally also represented with various buildings. There are displays illustrating a now forgotten era of handicrafts, pedlars and weavers who worked on commissions in their homes.

The grounds offer beautiful walks, a Rose Garden and a Herb Garden, a Kitchen Garden, a lake with colonies of water birds and much else besides.


Temporary exhibitions feature articles from the museum´s rich collection of crafts - often complemented by contemporary crafts. There is a permanent exhibition devoted to the “mysterious woman from Dannike", from the end of the 17th century who was found, with her clothing well preserved, in a peat bog. Other permanent exhibitions are devoted to the history of Borås and its environs.

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