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Våra internationella volontärer

My name is Maria Alkiviadou, and I have an European masters degree in Social Work with Families and Children. The fact that I enjoy working with children and youth was one of the reasons that made me choose this project.

I am currently volunteering at the activity center of Viskafors and Ridhuset. In this position, I am involved in the principal activities of the centers by engaging myself with them on different levels (e.g. playing billiard, ping pong, cards, board games, baking, cooking etc.).

My main aim is to continue to create opportunities for exploring and addressing issues that affect young people, such as non- violent communication, promoting respect and gender equality in the school environment. In other words, I am trying to enhance the young peoples emotional and social development in an informal setting through educational processes.

What I like most about my current volunteer position is that it gives me the opportunity to be more creative and enhance leadership skills as a youth worker. In conclusion, participating in such an international project I believe is the best voluntary opportunity that I could have in my life.

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