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Hässlehuset Youthclub

​Hässlehuset youthclub is situated nearby Hässletorg (Hässlesquare). We are using the facilities in cooperation with the municipal districts library. Our mission is to create conditions for meetings between people irespective of age, gender and ethnical or cultural origin. Our main focus is tough aimed at youths in ages between 10 and 18.

Hässlehus is a place where you can:

  • Meet friends
  • Sit down with a cup of coffe
  • Have an icecream or a soda
  • Play games such as pool or cards

We have different groups for various interests such as boygroups, girlgroups, DJ and dancinggroups. Our great dancers has become famous far away from the youthclub after participating several different dancing competitions.

Most important is our furtherance perspective.

Our work is based on happiness - what you think is fun to do, you are almost always good at. Influence from our visitors is important. The needs and wishes of our visitors should improve our activities. Several of our interestgroups are lead by older visitors and our guiding star is to be headhunters of talent rather than problemsolvers. We put the visitors positive capacities in focus.

We are co-working

We are co-working with serveral different actors such as different municipal administrations, other youthclubs, sportclubs, Fritidsforum (a swedish interest organisation for youthworkers) and studyalliances. We think that cooperation outside the own youthclub is important to widen ones views and to get new thoughts and ideas. It is not only our staff that should get the opportunity for travel and experiences, even the youths should get this possibilty.
To make this happen we are working with several youthexchanges with other european countries.

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