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Vision – the Borås of the future

Borås is town and country: past, present, and future. In this vision we describe the Borås of the future.

Those of us who live, work, and meet in Borås have an unparalleled ability to cooperate and get things done. Cooperation between people, the local authority, industry, academia, and civil society is what characterises this vision and makes it unique. By working in partnership and pooling our strengths and expertise we can make the vision a reality, both for us and for future generations.

En illustration med människor, djur och natur som symboliserar visionen

The following is our common vision for the Borås of the future.

Caring about each other and the environment

In Borås we have a sense of responsibility, and we treat each other and our environment with care and respect. We live in harmony with a rich and varied natural environment, with other people, and with the world. Social, economic, and ecological sustainability is a key element in all our choices and decisions.

The fact that everyone in Borås is different is a source of strength. And everyone has an equal opportunity to reach their potential. Regardless of age and life situation, the people of the city can live a multifaceted life and be involved in shaping and developing their community. We take responsibility for each other through trust, reliance, and dialogue.

We have a duty to safeguard the environment by reusing and recycling materials and managing energy and natural resources sustainably. Interdependence – between urban and rural areas, and between people, nature, and the world around us – is something we seek to preserve and promote at all times. It is easy to move around the local area using public transport, on foot, or by bicycle. Longer journeys can also be made in ways that do not impact on our environment or our climate.

A safe, attractive city

Borås is a safe, attractive city. Those who live, work, and meet here are never far away from the services and facilities that make everyday life that little bit easier.

Sculptures and street art create a stimulating outdoor environment that has aroused a great deal of interest internationally. Clean, appealing urban spaces offer pleasure, contentment, and security for all.

We design our housing areas together, and throughout Borås there are homes to suit different life situations and ages, complete with services, leisure activities, culture, job opportunities, and proximity to nature.

Potential and the determination to develop

In Borås we are creative, and we have the determination to think in new and innovative ways. It is easy to make dreams a reality and bring ideas to fruition.

First-rate education facilities, from preschool through to university, help people and society to grow. Collaboration between the local authority, university, industry, and civil society ensures programmes are on offer at all levels. The opportunity to acquire new know-how and skills allows the people of Borås to develop and benefit from lifelong learning.

Borås has a culture and heritage founded on textiles and trade. We are at the forefront in environmental technology, IT, and digitalisation, and we have the resolve and foresight to invest in new areas. Our broad industrial base, coupled with our entrepreneurial spirit, allows us to capitalise on the knowledge that is available and to thrive as individuals.

People come together in Borås

In Borås there are numerous places for people to come together both day and night. As part of daily life, or on special occasions. Spontaneously or planned.

Meeting points become our public and personal spaces, not only urban and rural but also virtual. There is easy access to a wide range of cultural encounters, sports events, and natural experiences, offering endless opportunities to meet and socialise.

Meetings, conferences, and events have put Borås firmly on the international map as a meeting point and event centre.

In Borås meetings are a way of life.

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