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How the election works

You can read here about how the election for the European Parliament works, who can vote, and the various ways to vote. You will also find information about voting cards and ballots.

27 member countries – one election

June 9th is the European Parliament election. With your vote, you can help decide which political parties and individuals will represent Sweden in the only directly elected EU institution. As of 2024, the European Parliament consists of 720 members from the 27 EU countries. 21 of the members represent Sweden. The members, often called EU parliamentarians, are elected every five years in a general election among the residents of each member country.

Free and fair, secret and direct elections

The Swedish voting system is based on universal and equal voting rights. This means that your voice is as important as everyone else’s. In addition, the election must be:

Free and fair

No one else can decide who you vote for.


Secret voting means you do not need to show or say who or what you voted for. This is referred to as secrecy of elections and it is protected in the Basic Laws of Sweden.


Voters directly elect the 21 individuals who represent Sweden in the European Parliament - they are directly voted in by the people.

Who may vote?

To vote for the European Parliament, you must be:

  • at least 18 years of age,
  • a Swedish citizen, or
  • a European citizen registered in the population register in Sweden.

As a European citizen in the population register in Sweden, you must register in the Swedish electoral roll no later than 30 days before election day on June 9. Registration is done with the County Administrative Board (Länsstyrelsen).

Different ways to vote

Vote on election day on June 9th

If you want to vote on election day, June 9th, you must vote at your voting location. You can find your voting location on your voting card.

Early voting May 22nd to June 9th

You can also vote before election day. Early voting begins May 22nd and is underway until June 9th. You can vote early anywhere in Sweden during that period.

On election day on June 9th, the only early voting location open is the one at Stadshuset.

Are you unable to vote by yourself?

If you cannot reach a voting location by yourself due to age, illness or disability, there are other options. For example, you can vote by proxy or by ambulant vote collection.

Your voting card

To vote, you must have a personal voting card. Everyone who may vote in the election receives a voting card by mail. On your voting card, you can find which elections you may vote in and the address and opening hours of your voting location. Voting cards are mailed before early voting begins on May 22nd, 2024.

If you have not yet received your voting card when early voting has begun, we can help you print your voting card. Contact us at the Election Office (Valkansliet) or ask for help at any early voting location.


Ballots for the parties for which you can vote are available at the voting locations. There are also blank ballots on which you can write any name or party name, or leave blank.


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