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Borås Stads logotyp, till startsidan

Invoice City of Borås (Borås Stad)


City of Borås primarily wants electronic invoices via the PEPPOL network.

PEPPOL id: 007:2120001561

City of Borås current partner is:

  • Tieto
  • InExchange
  • Swedbank
  • Visma SPCS
  • Pagero

City of Borås uses organization number as identification for e-invoices: 21200001561

City of Borås GLN code is: 7381039100002

Email address for the e-invoice request:

As a supplier to City of Borås, you should mark your invoices with a reference, so called YYCODE. The customer must state this code at the time of purchase. Proper labeling ensures that the invoice reaches the intended recipient within the City of Borås and enables the invoice to be handled and paid on time. YYCODE should be written with verses without spaces.

For more information about e-invoice: www.digg.seexternal link www.sfti.seexternal link and www.skr.seexternal link

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